It’s time to expand the reach of your brand to new untapped markets — other regions and products.


Key Factors of Growth Marketing

  1. How you compete. In the face of regional competition, you need to use the same language and content types as your competitors while simultaneously taking into account local specifics.
  2. How you expand your brand. In different regions you have to not only use the regional language, but also ensure efficient delivery of your content.
  3. How you do Lead Gen. Building a pipeline for your regional sales force depends on understanding the intent of local buyers and matching it with relevant localized content.

Execution Challenges

Executing your marketing plan for different geographies, products, and languages present the following challenges:

  • Multiple domains or page groups.
  • Different sets of influencers
  • A broad range of marketing content

A new market is uniquely defined by either a single domain with its own language and region, and/or by a specific brand with its own influencers and marketing content. This is how a Captora Zone is defined.

To overcome these challenges you need Captora Multi-Zone:

  • A single account with workflows to launch Captora Campaigns across multiple regions and products.
  • Integration with search engine accounts, marketing automation systems, and social channels.
  • Campaign delivery in multiple languages across multiple channels
  • Demand discovery and content intelligence based on local influencers and product specifics.
  • Compliance with international SEO/SEM best practices
  • Localized serving of Captora Campaigns
  • Captora Campaign analytics segmented by zone

Key Benefits

Reuse and
Repurpose Assets

Leverage existing content, CTAs, and Templates across multiple geographies and products with a single account.

Account Support

Support integration with multiple accounts across search engines, marketing automation systems, and social channels.

& Omni-Channel

Boost funnel efficiency and
pipeline quality with multi-language, omni-channel support for your Captora Campaigns.

Demand Discovery
& Content Intelligence

Find local buyers for specific products and brands with relevant Demand Signals and Content.

Best Practices.

Start ranking in new regional
markets to generate high quality inbound leads and disrupt local competition.

Campaign Serving

Offer the best user experience for your Captora Campaigns and reduce bounce rates while increasing conversions.

Campaign Analytics.
Track expansion efforts as you target, launch, and optimize your marketing growth plan.