Writing Web Content That Works

Writing great web content depends on focusing your web presence to meet the needs of buyers, and show them the functions, benefits and value of what your brand has to offer. Prompting buyers to take action to receive those benefits and really understand what you have to offer over the competition means that your web content is successfully engaging.

But how to marketers know exactly what benefits potential buyers are looking to receive? What will make buyers feel that your company has what it takes to be the solution to their problems? Marketers need reliable tools that work through data to let them create engaging web content, rather than depending on guesswork that might miss the mark.

Captora automatically creates and optimizes new inbound campaigns while leveraging existing content to fill gaps with only the most effective content. Our always-on, data-driven technology identifies and ranks keywords that deliver the best results, quickly meeting buyer demand signals at a lower acquisition cost per lead. With Captora, marketers gain valuable insights on which campaigns are working the best, and instantly delivers web content that works.

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