Writing Web Content For SEO

Creating content is a critical part in modern marketing practices. With thousands of buyers on the web using search engines to find information, marketers have a great opportunity to engage potential buyers’ attention. SEO refers to a process where marketers use keywords to help increase their ranking when buyers search for that keyword. While SEO still has a place in marketing strategies, search engine ranking algorithms are continuously changing, so marketers do not have access into what keywords will increase conversions.

Writing valuable content is critical for marketers. Buyers are no longer receptive to advertisements and email blasts, they are looking for informative content that will capture their attention and have them explore your site for more information. Marketers know the importance of creating content, but this can be a complex process. After countless hours of creating content, marketers don’t have a way to tie that content to ROI, don’t know what existing content to utilize, and don’t know what their buyers are looking for. If marketers can put highly informative content in front of the right people, they will see dramatic results.

Captora ensures that marketers are creating content for buyers across multiple channels. Being able to have content that buyers can find through organic search is critical, but marketers need to ensure they are reaching buyers through multiple channels. Captora uses top-of-funnel marketing to reach thousands of new buyers who have not heard of your company. Captora’s robust system also automatically produces targeted campaigns that show marketers where content gaps exist and where opportunities lie. Marketers will no longer have to guess about what content to create since they have all the insight they need to create valuable content. By creating engaging content, marketers can see increases in conversion, leads, and revenue.

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