Why Use Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a buzzword around modern marketing. More and more organizations are adopting content marketing, but why? Buyers know when you are trying to sell them your product, and they don't want to hear a sales pitch. So content marketing is a great way to educate and engage your buyers as well as build your brand. But not all content is good content.

Marketers using content marketing know that there is too much guesswork. What content should you create? What are buyers searching for? There tends to be a gap between what buyers are searching for and how marketers describe their solution, so marketers are missing out on engaging with potential buyers who aren't searching for them but need their product. To help close the messaging gap Captora has helped marketers use content marketing to find and capture new buyers. With Captora marketers can:

  • Identify content gaps and prioritize campaigns
  • Boost conversions of marketing campaigns by leveraging existing content
  • Increase the impact of prior investments in CRM and Marketing Automation by brining new buyers into the funnel
Content marketing is not a fad, it works. Download our ebook to learn how to create, promote, and utilze your content to beat your growth goals.

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