Why Is Content Strategy Important

Modern marketers are amidst a buyer revolution; an era where consumers are self-reliant, self-educated and are digesting content as they navigate themselves further through the buyer journey. The result?The pressure to accelerate pipeline and fuel ROI has increased immensely. The solution? The A well-documented and integrative content strategy designed to attract, engage, and convert. Here are 5 current trends relaying the importance of implementing a content strategy.

  1. 78% - of consumers believe that companies that customize their content are interested in building relationships. (McMurray/TMG)
  2. 95% - B2B Enterprise marketers use content marketing(CMI)
  3. 14.6% - Organic search leads have 14.6% close ratem while outbound marketing leads have 1.7% close rate (Hubspot)
  4. 80% - of business decision makers prefer targeted content rather than traditional ads. (DemandMetric)
  5. 57% - Buyers go through 57% of the buyer journey before ever talking to sales

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