Why Investing In Digital Marketing Is Important

Engaging new buyers and expanding pipeline growth are pressures faced by modern marketers, and digital marketing has the answer. Most buyers are turning to the web to make their searches for brands that will provide solutions to their problems, and investing in content placed in the digital marketing channels means that those buyers will be engaged right when they start their searches. Conversion-ready buyers are looking for informative content that is consistent, and are keen on avoiding the hard sell.

The challenge this presents for marketers is in the difference between assuming what buyers might be searching for and using reliable data to actually determine accurate buyer demand signals. Marketers can get caught up in guesswork and end up creating content that misses the mark. In order to prove clear ROI and know for certain what content works best to engage new buyers, marketers need reliable tools that measure data.

Captora provides that measurable data and more. With deep analytics, marketers gain insight into the content that works to engage buyers. Comparison of demand signals with clickstream data from your web assets is just one way that Captora helps marketers work with existing content to automatically generate hundreds of new campaigns. With Captora, marketers ensure that content investment in digital marketing is a success.

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