Which Channels Generate The Best Leads

Among all the noise there is on the web today, companies are asking "which channels generate the best leads?" With the transformation in the buying process, marketers are now looked at to drive high quality leads for sales to follow up with. Lead generation through multiple channels can be the best way to engage with buyers, informing them about your company, but it is not a simple task.

Lead generation allows you to convert leads to customers faster, especially if you nurture and drive leads through your sales funnel. But which channels work best and have the highest conversion rates? Generally it is contingent on your unique business case, but there are proven lead generation tactics that do work well. As a marketer, creating valuable content is the best way to both reach AND engage buyers.

Captora enables marketers to identify and grab new buyers across all channels: paid, search, and social. With Captora, marketers gain insight into which marketing channels work the best. The Captora platform utilizes existing content to systematically create hyper-targeted campaigns to gain leads across channels. Optimize your content across various channels to generate leads...with Captora!

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