Which B2b Content Are People Sharing On Social Media

With all the noise out there today, it is difficult to choose Which B2b Content Are People Sharing On Social Media most often. Social media in B2B marketing is paramount as many buyers need multiple pieces of content before making a buying decision. With the modern power of social media, marketers are using social media to enlarge reach and engagement of their content. Below are some suggestions of which type of content to promote.

  • Upcoming events - Live events are an awesome way to capture and then engage with leads. Social media promotion is paramount to the week and day leading up to the event. Content tied to a landing page that visitors can look at brings marketing results and it is sometimes recommended that at the actual event, you reward visitors for their attendance and engagement.
  • Large Pieces of Content - Today's social media marketing requires that you establish our brand as an industry thought leader. Forms, webinars, and landing pages are all recommended forms of promotion.
  • Featured Topics in your Industry - The companies who blog consistently are said to drive more leads. Conversion rates are higher when people read your blogs and then are given an offer or an option to click on your CTA. Making sure your blog is relevant and captivating is key.
  • Share Content From Others - Using other company's content is a good method to promote the overarching message you both try and spread while relating the topic back to your product.
  • Awards Received & Product Releases - Be proud! New releases and awards are great opportunities to highlight the evident growth and support your business is getting.

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