What To Measure For Marketing ROI

Measuring content marketing ROI has been seen as practically impossible or very hard to do. With more and more companies utilizing content marketing in their strategies, measuring ROI will become a must. Being able to see what is working vs what isn't is critical for marketers. Although it is difficult to measure your content marketing efforts, they can be tracked through the sales funnel as well as revenue.

Here are the 5 metrics marketers should be tracking:

  • Program Performance- See how your content is performing in all of the different programs you are running
  • First Touch and Multi-Touch Attribution- tie content marketing to pipeline generation and customer acquisition
  • Downloads and Lead Quality- how many good leads you are getting
  • Competitor Benchmarking- determine if there are any gaps in your content strategy that you need to address
  • Social Sharing and Engagement- What content assets are shared and engaged with on social channels?

Captora helps marketers measure there 5 metrics. With Captora marketers can see what campaigns are performing well, engage buyers across multiple channels, and benchmark against competitors. Instead of creating content based on guesswork, Captora has the data to provide marketers with data-driven campaigns and relevant content to ensure their content marketing efforts aren’t wasted. Measure your content marketing ROI to ensure you are reaching your goals.

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