What Is Your Marketing Goals

Marketers are constantly under pressure to engage new buyers before the competition and drive high quality leads to meet revenue goals. No matter what the marketing goals are, there needs to be a process in place to help marketers achieve their goals. With the change in the buying process, marketers are still trying to find ways to effectively reach potential buyers.

The top 3 marketing pressure points are:

  • Manual campaign execution
  • Difficulty finding your best content to engage buyers
  • Little visibility into buyer intent and competitors

Marketers have no insight into what buyers are looking for, what content to prioritize, and no analytics on what content is working. Marketers don’t know where to focus and how to scale content.

Captora helps marketers reach their goals. In order to grow pipeline, Captora focuses on top-of-funnel marketing to engage conversion-ready buyers who have not heard of your company. To help marketers drive conversions, Captora leverages content within your space to automatically build content and data-driven campaigns to ensure marketers are creating content that is valuable to potential buyers. Captora takes the pressure off marketers and enables them to successfully exceed goals.

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