What Is Web Traffic Marketing

Web traffic is organically generated from search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. When marketers want to increase web traffic, their content needs to contain relevant keywords and they must focus on SEO strategies. Reaching prospective buyers is key in driving conversions, and ensuring that conversion-ready buyers are clicking on your web content is one way to increase the opportunity to reach them.

However, effectively directing web content means that marketers need to place the right assets in front of conversion-ready buyers at the right time - without risking missed opportunities by simply placing irrelevant noise in those channels. If marketers are simply guessing, that can mean exhaustive legwork that just doesn't get the same results. Reliable data is what marketers need to get ahead and see increases in web traffic.

With Captora, marketers can reach thousands of prospective buyers, expanding top-of-funnel marketing and meeting their goals. Specifically target buyers through Captora's innovative technology that leverages existing content and creates campaigns that include all of the right demand signals. Captora helps marketers write content that appear exactly where buyers are searching, accurately answering the questions they have about your brand's products and services.

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