What Is Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing really highlights the ways that marketers can grab the attention of all potential buyers. It is often loud, aggressive, and interruptive to daily rhythms - in a sense, it only works if it insists that you pay attention to it. Traditional marketers tend to focus on placing slews of advertisement where they know buyers will be looking - sending mailings, making broadcasts, and other outbound marketing techniques. There are few ways, other than sign ups for hard-copy newsletters, for marketers to really know if their traditional marketing strategies are effective.

As a contrast, content marketers focus on inbound marketing techniques that - if the content is accurate, relevant, and educational - allows for buyers to feel confident and comfortable in their purchasing choices. When done correctly, content marketing will place the right material in the most effective channels - whether search, advertising, or social - to reach the most conversion-ready buyers. But there's still a challenge presented - how do content marketers get ahead of traditional marketers if they are still operating in the same guesswork-based, broad-reaching strategies?

With Captora, content marketers are given a leg up with data-based, deep-analytic software to instantly improve content-driven campaigns. Marketers can see real-time clickstream data and work their content to match the most relevant demand signals, reaching buyers exactly where they are searching. Captora allows modern marketers to go well beyond the reach of traditional marketing, opening up all of the digital channels for noise-free, conversion-driving success!

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