What Is The Result Of Effective Marketing

​Having an effective marketing strategy is critical to driving the results you want. But, even with a marketing plan marketers are finding it challenging to meet their goals. Marketers are under pressure to contribute to pipeline growth and meet revenue goals. There are limited resources to help marketers know where to focus and how to scale content. Marketers want an effective marketing plan that will drive exceptional results.

Today, marketers are creating dozens of content in hopes of driving conversion, but have no way to tie it to ROI. Marketers are finding it complicated to create content because they don’t have data on existing content, don’t know what content to prioritize, and don’t have ROI to show them what content is working to capture new buyers. These are key issues that need to be fixed in order for marketers to achieve the results they want. 

Captora helps marketers achieve fast tangible results. Captora’s robust process leverages your content ecosystem to automatically create data-driven targeted campaigns to ensure that marketers are reaching the right buyers with the right content. Marketers can feel confident in providing value to their customers and can get the results they are looking for. With Captora marketers can see:

  • 20%+ increase in overall lead volume
  • 50%+ improvement in conversion rates (across paid search and organic search)
  • 50%+ improvement in cost per lead

Now, marketers have an effective marketing process that ensures they are exceeding their goals and are getting exceptional results. 


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