What Is The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel shows the stages consumers go through in making a buying decision. It also shows what your company can do to influence consumers at each stage. Consumers first become aware of your product or service, consider your product, then take action. Today, most Marketing Automation companies such as Marketo, Salesforce, and Eloqua focus on nurturing leads that are already captured in one’s CRM system. However, these systems don’t focus on driving new prospective buyers. By engaging new buyers, you can drive pipeline growth.

Captora takes marketing automation programs a step further and strives on engaging new buyers not already within your CRM database as well as nurture your existing contacts. Captora allows you to:

  • Create and optimize targeted campaigns that engage purchase-ready buyers
  • Review and launch new campaigns
  • Test and edit campaigns for optimal results

Being able to optimize all steps of the funnel is crucial. In order to have a successful marketing strategy you need to be able to build and nurture relationships with your consumers. Captora focuses on Top-Of-Funnel marketing that creates awareness for those buyers who aren’t looking for you. Now you have an engine that leverages your content database to reach thousands of new buyers. Foster relationships with your consumers every step of the funnel in order to have loyal customers in the future.

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