What Is The Difference Between Modern Marketing And Selling

What is the difference between modern marketing and selling? Well, sales no longer occupy the front-lines of the purchasing decision. Buyers carry out their own research before engaging with a sales rep. The past methods of just selling your product/service: consider them gone. Buyers react to a hard sell, and additionally, want to make an informed, educated purchase decision. Modern marketing is entirely about educating your buyer via relevant and consistent content.

Modern marketing involves all the inbound and outbound marketing strategies used to build an online database and interact with buyers. In an age where buyers rely so much on search engines to find new solutions & products, content is the hub of any successful modern marketing strategy. Additional modern marketing strategies may involve social media marketing, blogging, SEO and SEM, event marketing, etc.

To be a success in modern marketing, you must leverage technology. With Captora marketers can:

  • Access competitive and real-time buyer intelligence
  • Automate, optimize and scale campaigns
  • Determine best channels to maximize conversion rates
  • Use real-time data and metrics to drive continuous improvement

Wave goodbye to old methods of selling, and check out Captora for modern marketing. Watch our demo video now!

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