What Is The Difference Between A Quality Lead And Prospect

What is the difference between a quality lead and prospect? While sales used to be the go-to for this question, modern day marketers are now more than capable of giving you an answer. Today's inbound technology scales quality leads and lowers your cost per lead (CPL). Captora is a leader of inbound marketing lead acceleration that generates the highest quality leads quicker than any other method.

Captora’s platform helps develop and promote CaptureSites that speed up the launch of new campaigns while simultaneously minimizing time used to edit and fix your content.

Top 3 Benefits of Captora's Digital Marketing Platform.

  1. Delivers new accumulating leads everyday!
  2. Performs campaign assessment and presents which content attracts which buyers at each stage.
  3. Boosts your marketing contact database while lowering CPL.

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Digital Marketing Acceleration Video