What Is The Definition Of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that marketers use to create brand awareness, convert website visitors into leads and attract and engage anonymous online buyers. Inbound marketing helps marketers reach untouched audiences, and create long lasting relationships with fans, followers and potential customers throughout the entire purchasing process. The most successful inbound marketers incorporate content marketing, social media marketing, paid and organic search, landing page creation, blog promotions, email marketing and lead nurturing into their overall strategy. Here are a few high level overviews of inbound marketing best practices.

  • Audience Centric Content - According to CMI (the Content Marketing Institute) , "everyday there are 27 million+ pieces of content being shared on line." And as consumers are relying more on search to self-educate themselves on brands and solutions, the necessity to create value-laden content is continually increasing. In fact, companies who are not creating content around BUYER INTENT SIGNALS are being penalized on Google. If you are serious about inbound marketing, start by creating valuable and audience centric content.
  • Social Media Promotions - Consumers and companies are relying much more on social media to build relationships, discover new solutions and forge online communities of likeminded peers. Social media is a great way to engage with your target audience and other companies in your industry.
  • Marketing Automation - "Companies that excel in marketing automation experience 50% more qualified leads at 33% of the cost." (Marketo) Not all website visitors who you received registration information from are ready to be contacted by sales. In fact, force-feeding your sales pitch to a consumer just learning about your industry, is a sure way to drive a wedge between you and them. Marketing automation is a great way to score and nurture existing leads and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.
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