What Is SEO Marketing Vs SEO Advertising

With all the marketing terminology today, how do we differentiate: What is SEO marketing vs SEO advertising. The former is is the process of boosting your website rank based on pertinent keywords. Marketers struggle to access the keywords that increase traffic to their website, because of the constant changes to search query and algorithms. Marketers are finding complexity in tying SEO with ROI. Some marketers still attempt to use SEO marketing, but the majority are trying to find new ways to generate traffic to drive leads.

Conversely, advertising, aka PPC marketing is another way of boosting website traffic. Marketers can create ads in sponsored areas of search engines. Marketers pay a fixed cost to search engines each time a buyer clicks on their paid ad. Paid search is considered an effective method for lead generation, but tends to diminish returns as you try and scale. Paid search optimization today will give you great opportunities for conversions and lead gen.

Both of these practices have an important place in modern marketing. Captora is a lead generation automation tool that helps marketers see opportunities with paid and organic search. Captora amplifies your top-of-funnel marketing efforts, reaching buyers that are anonymous to you and you to them. The software leverages your existing content ecosystem to develop content-rich and hyper-targeted campaigns to ensure high volumes of quality leads. In paid search campaigns, Captora optimizes CTAs, assets, and other content to assess which is driving the most conversions. Marketers can use SEO or advertising contingent on the results they want and their budget. Captora prides itself on having a unique and functional approach to both kinds of campaigns to ensure marketers reach their goals.

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