What Is SEO Content

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from organic or free sites. Search engines rank which content is most relevant to the users based on the search. The goal of SEO is to communicate with buyers what information is most relevant o their search. As a marketer you want to ensure that your website is being pulled as most relevant in order to reach your consumers. However, with recent changed within search algorithms in efforts of hiding query data, marketers no longer have access to what keywords are driving traffic to their site. Now, marketers must find new ways to reach new buyers through organic channels.

In order to reach potential buyers marketers are producing videos, whitepapers, blogs, and more in efforts of engaging buyers. With buyers utilizing search engines to look for information before making a purchase decision, marketers need to produce content that is relevant to what these buyers are looking for. Being able to close content gaps is critical in increasing revenue. Having a system in place where marketers can know what consumers are looking for before their competition, will allow them to create content to rank them higher on search engines.

Having your website pop up as relevant on search engines is a critical part of generating traffic and building relationships with potential buyers, but its just one step into successful marketing. Captora takes SEO a step further. Captora enables you to adapt your marketing efforts to what new buyers are looking for right now. By searching your content ecosystem, Captora’s robust system automatically producing targeted campaigns with keywords that show you where new opportunities exist. Now you can produce relevant content to ensure you are optimizing SEO as well as driving conversions.

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