What Is Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to increasing web traffic to your website by using certain keywords to ensure your website is ranked high in search engines. Many marketers are relying on SEO systems to generate leads and drive conversions, but there are more effective ways to reach those goals. SEO has a place in marketing, but constant changes in search algorithms, marketers are trying to find more effective ways of engaging buyers.

With thousands of new buyers on the web, marketers have the opportunity to engage buyers via organic channels. Modern marketers have turned to creating dozens of content from whitepapers, blogs, videos, and more, to ensure they can inform buyers of their product or services. But, in other to reach the right buyers it takes more than just creating content. Marketers need to be able to see what content is generating results and which ones are not. Being able to continually test and optimize campaigns is critical for marketers. By putting valuable information in front of the right buyers, marketers will see significant ROI results.

SEO may seem attractive for marketers because it helps them get their website to rank highly on search engines and thus drive conversions, but it is not everything. Modern marketers are trying to find a way to educate buyers, drive leads, and increase conversions and content marketing is a great strategy. Captora takes a unique approach to SEO. Captora leverages your content, your competitors’ information, content on the web, to automatically produce content-driven campaigns that give marketers the insight they need to successfully reach buyers. With Captora marketers can:

  • Identify and create data-driven campaigns that capture purchase-ready buyers
  • Review and launch thousands of new campaigns
  • Continuously optimize campaigns for optimal results

Marketers don’t need to worry about changes within search algorithms, because Captora gives them the insight they need. Now marketers know where content gaps lie, what campaigns to prioritize, and where opportunities exist. With Captora, marketers can reach their marketing goals.

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