What Is Sales And Marketing Strategy

As technology continues to revolutionize the way consumers make purchasing decisions, sales is no longer responsible for initiating and managing customer relationships. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, sales is involved after 57% of the buyer journey has been complete. So who does the responsibility to identify, engage, and educate potential customers fall on? The answer lies in your content marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of distributing helpful content to your audience in order to attract, engage, and convert potential customers. Here is some advice to start using content marketing to generate leads.

  • Promote Audience-Centric Content. Provide your audience with the content THEY are searching for. This means identifying buyer intent signals and create value around what people are searching for
  • Landing Pages Optimized for Conversions - Landing pages are micro-sites that address particular pain points or answer specific questions. These "Capturesites" as we call them do not have to be intricate or loaded with content. However, they do need to have relevant messaging. You must ensure that the URL, Title, Subheading and CTA have a relationship with the keyword a visitor used to get to that page
  • Lead Nurturing - Allows you to nurture leads as they gather points and become qualified which allows you to promote valuable and relevant content based on their personal behavior.
  • Captora - Sits on top of the funnel and leverages your content and your competitors content to identify new names and provide data driven insights into how they are searching s around important search terms. Captora then allows you to build hundreds of hyper targeted landing pages at scale!

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