What Is Organic Web Traffic

Organic web traffic is generated from search engines such as Google or Bing. In order to generate traffic you need to use relevant keywords and SEO strategies. Increasing your organic web traffic is important because it means people are clicking on your site and are interested in your products, thus there is an opportunity for you to drive conversions. While traditional search engine optimization strategies have a place in marketing programs, marketers need to find new methods of reaching prospective buyers across organic channels.

An effective way marketers are ensuring that their product and services show up in a prospective customer’s organic searches is by producing content such as whitepapers, blog posts, and more. But it takes much more than producing content to ensure it reaches the right buyers at the right time. There are thousands of prospective buyers out there and the reality is that if you could get the right asset in front of them at the right time, your conversion rates would dramatically increase.

Captora helps marketers reach that reality by expanding top-of-funnel marking to reach thousands of new prospective buyers. In order to ensure you are creating relevant content, Captora leverages your content ecosystem to create campaigns that are specifically targeted to what your prospective buyers are looking for. Now marketers can write content that they are confident will reach the right people. When your buyers search for your product or service, your content will pop up and you want to ensure that the content produced is valuable and educational. With Captora, you can drive organic web traffic, create valuable content, and increase conversions.

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