What Is Organic Search Results

The ranking of your website in organic search results is due to search engine algorithms. Search engines rank your website based one relevance to the user’s search and content on your webpage. Marketers want to ensure that they are ranking high in organic search results so that they can increase web traffic, build brand awareness, and drive leads. However, search engines are consistently making changes in their ranking algorithms. Some marketers even rely on SEO to manipulate algorithms to help them rank higher. While marketers still rely on SEO to ensure they are ranking high in organic search results, most marketers are turning to other methods of engaging buyers.

Content is king and is here to stay. Marketers are spending more and more money in content marketing to create whitepapers, infographics, blogs, and more. However, many marketers are struggling to see ROI when producing content. Marketers don’t have insight or data on what campaigns are engaging buyers or what content to focus on. This is causing marketers to miss out on opportunities to grow pipeline and revenue. By placing the right content in front of prospective buyers, markets will be able to reach buyers through organic search channels and dramatically increase conversions.

Captora has the solution that gives marketers the insight they need to be successful in content marketing. Captora’s patent technology searches your existing content, the web, and your competitors content, to automatically create data-driven campaigns that are targeted to buyer’s demand. With Captora marketers can reach potential buyers through organic, paid, and social channels. Having the insight into where you have low content vs where you have high content compared to your competitors is valuable for marketers. Now marketers can create content that is driving conversions.

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