What Is Organic Search Marketing

Organic search marketing or search engine optimization is the process of obtaining traffic from organic/free sites. Search engines rank content in order of relevance to the search. The goal of search engine optimization is communicating with buyers what information is most valuable to what they are looking for. SEO has been about gaming search engine ranking algorithms to ensure higher placement in search results. However, Google changes their ranking algorithm several times a year and trying to keep up with those changes is impossible.

The future is about content marketing. Marketers are trying to create valuable content to ensure that their product or service shows up in prospective customer’s organic search. Yet it takes more than creating content to ensure that you are reaching the right prospective buyers. By putting the right content in front of potential buyers, marketers will be able to dramatically increase conversion rates.

Captora mines your existing content and automatically compares it with web-wide and competitor content to identify where new campaigns and optimization opportunities exist. Thus, marketers are able to close content gaps, see how their competitors are doing, and see what their buyers are searching for. With Captora, marketers have insight into what content to create to ensure they are reaching their target audience. Now, marketers can generate more leads, increase conversion, and increase overall web traffic.

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