What Is Organic Search Engine

Search engines are an effective and popular method of searching for information. The search engine provides two types of results: paid and organic. Most buyers look at the organic listings which are websites that are ranked based on how relevant a user’s search. Marketers are concerned with driving web traffic, generating leads, and increasing brand awareness. But, with the constant changes in ranking algorithms marketers are finding it challenging to find out what keywords will ensure their higher ranking.

Content marketing is an effective tool to help marketers engage buyers, drive brand awareness, and generate leads. The challenge however comes down to creating valuable content that is in line with what your buyers are searching for. With no data into what campaigns are performing well and where marketers should focus more of their efforts on, marketers are left doing a lot of guesswork when it comes to producing content. With more and more companies spending money on content marketing, they need a tool that can work to help them create content that will drive the results they need.

To helps marketers reach more buyers through organic search channels, Captora’s patent technology shows marketers which campaigns are the most effective. By using your existing content and leveraging content from your competitors and the web, Captora automatically creates data-driven campaigns to show marketers what potential buyers are searching for. Captora provides marketers with insight into what campaigns are performing well, and where content gaps lie to ensure that they are maximizing their content. With Captora you can have valuable content that ensures you are reaching thousands of buyers through organic search channels.

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