What Is Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing has changed more in the last five years than it has in the last 20. For starters, consumers are relying ON content to learn about products rather than turning to salespeople. Secondly, they are using multiple channels, often times simultaneously, to digest mass amounts of content. In the competitive landscape of digital marketing, how can YOU ensure you are effectively reaching and engaging potential buyers before your competition? Here are some tips to create a successful online marketing strategy to attract, engage and convert potential buyers.

  • Create Relevant Content - The key way to reach potential buyers is to create relevant content based on what they are actively searching for. However, as Google is constantly changing its algorithms it is important that marketers are creating content around buyer intent signals rather than simply placing keywords and links within their content. Furthermore, as buyers are searching for solutions rather than brands, it is important that you create content for all stages throughout the buyer journey (from educational content to hard selling.)
  • Landing Page Optimization - Another change in Google's algorithm is now penalizing companies who direct visitors to a generic homepage rather than a specific landing page. Landing pages are single webpages that provide visitors with specific solutions regarding a particular pain point or search term. There are two main things to keep in mind when developing landing pages;
    • The Design / Format - The design of your landing page can build immediate trust or skepticism. It all depends on the format of your key elements!
    • Content and Offer - The URL, title, subtitle, header, content, footer, and offer should ALL be closely related to pain point that prompted a visitor to click on a specific link. The key in modern digital marketing is to be RELEVANT!
  • Continual Testing - use data (performance, bounce rates, conversion rates, etc.) to generate actionable insights on whats working vs. what is not working.

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