What Is On Page Optimization

On-page optimization refers to the fact that marketers have ultimate control over many factors, through coding on your page to place relevant keywords and meta tags, that have effects on your web page listing. When marketers have this kind of control over their web assets, they can be certain to place the most effective content in all of the right contexts, ensuring that buyers will be engaged when they begin their searches.

But how do marketers net new visitors when they don't have any demographic or industry information? If marketers are utilizing landing pages to capture the attention of anyone who happens to find their brand as a solution, they need to make sure those landing pages are effective to drive conversions.

Luckily, marketers can turn to Captora to provide the real-time clickstream data on these visitors, and analyze buyer demand signals to identify where new campaign opportunities exist. Captora leverages existing content and provides analysis so that marketers will have all the right keywords available for their on-page optimization, and our always-on execution system deploys this content automatically.

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