What Is Marketing Automation Tools

Being able to streamline and automate marketing tasks in order to increase efficiency and drive revenue is a great tool that many marketers use. Marketing automation is a type of marketing technology that marketers use in order to automate messages to nurture the leads within their CRM database. Despite marketing automation being an effective tool for marketers, there hasn’t yet been a way to use this tool to capture new buyers not within one’s system.

By reaching new buyers, marketers will be able to contribute to pipeline growth. However, trying to reach new buyers can be a complicated process. With so much information being on the web, marketers are trying to find engaging ways to reach their target audience without being lost in the noise. Marketers need to find a tool that will allow them to nurture their existing leads as well as capture new buyers with top-of-funnel marketing in order to have a successful marketing process.

Marketing automation tools are great in growing pipeline, but it isn’t the only way. Captora optimizes marketing automation by helping marketers expand top-of-funnel marketing in order to engage new buyers. Captora has a robust engine that automates targeted campaigns to help marketers produce relevant content that their buyers are looking for now. Marketers can now utilize a system that helps them nurture existing leads as well as helps in capturing new potential buyers. Now you can stay ahead of your competition, optimize marketing automation, and capture new conversion-ready buyers.

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