What Is Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is a segment of technology that enables companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks in efforts of increasing efficiency and growing revenue. Recently, this has become a standard for many fast growing companies. Marketing automation software includes lead generation, lead nurturing, relationship marketing, and more. With marketing automation software marketers are able to send ongoing drop campaigns until they get conversions.This has proven to be a great tool of nurturing relationships with leads within your CRM database. The challenge that marketers face is being able to increase conversions with visitors who are not within your CRM system. Having a process in which you as a marketer can drive pipeline growth is critical in modern marketing.

Trying to reach new buyers can be a complex process. As a marketer you constantly thinking of creative ways to generate more leads and increase revenue. With consumers taking charge of the buying process they are online searching for informative information. Ensuring you have strong informative online presence is critical for attracting new buyers. In order to create consistent content you need a system that allows shows you what consumers want.

By providing you with targeted campaigns based on search phrases your consumers are looking for, Captora has patent technology that leverages content within your space to give you insight on what content is best relevant in capturing new buyers. Being able to have content across multiple channels will enable you to reach thousands of conversion ready buyers. Marketing automation software is critical in modern marketing, but Captora takes it a step further and optimizes top-of-funnel marketing to ensure you are reaching buyers within your CRM system and those who have not yet heard of you.

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