What Is Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing Automation refers to a type of marketing technology that takes existing leads within your CRM system and automates relevant messages in order to keep them engaged over time. Marketing automation platforms such as Pardot, Eloqua, and Marketo provide marketers with valuable tools to nurture leads within their CRM database. However, automation technology has not been available for top-of-funnel marketing to scale content-driven campaigns to drive new leads. By capturing new buyers, marketers will be able to grow their pipeline.

Capturing new buyers can be a complex process. Marketers are constantly creating content trying to reach new buyers, yet many of that content isn't reaching those buyers. Since buyers are constantly searching the web for information, having a strong online presence will help marketers attract new potential buyers. Marketing Automation is one step towards reaching your marketing goals, thus being able to interact with new buyers who aren't in your system will allow you to be successful in modern marketing practices.

Captora is an inbound marketing solution that not only uses marketing automation platforms but helps marketers expand top-of-funnel marketing to reach thousands of new buyers. With patent technology, Captora leverages content within your space to automatically create targeted campaigns to ensure that marketers are writing content that their audience are searching for. Captora closes the gap between marketers and buyers to help streamline the process and get marketers in front of their buyers in a more efficient way. Now you can optimize marketing automation and capture new conversion-ready buyers to drive pipeline.

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