What Is Marketing Automation CRM?

Marketing Automation and Customer relationship management (CRM) are great tools that can help marketers be more effective. Being able to automate and streamline workflows helps make marketers life easier. Salesforce, Marketo, and Eloqua are great marketing automation tools that provide marketers with the tools needed to nurture leads already within their CRM system. However, the challenge marketers are facing is using marketing automation to engage new buyers not within their CRM system.

Being able to utilize both systems is critical in for marketers. Marketing automation helps marketers run more campaigns and generate more leads. While CRM systems provide marketers with one consolidated view to see leads and contacts. By utilizing both marketing automation and CRM systems, marketers will be able to convert and nurture more leads as well as track their ROI. Sales teams will be able to drive more revenue and close more deals. This all sounds great, but there is no focus on capturing new buyers. Being able to reach and engage new buyers will give the sales team more opportunities and help marketers drive pipeline.

Nurturing leads within one’s CRM system is critical, but it is just one step in having a successful marketing process. Captora helps marketers expand top-of-funnel marketing in order to capture buyers who aren’t within your CRM system. By leveraging the existing content within your content ecosystem, Captora automatically creates campaigns that allow marketers to produce content that will reach their target audience. Captora acknowledges the importance of nurturing leads and building relationships with buyers to guide them into the buying process. However, by optimizing top-of-funnel marketing it will give marketers an opportunity to reach thousands of new buyers and expand their CRM system.

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