What Is Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation focuses on taking an existing lead in your database and automating the right messages to keep that prospect engaged over time without the need for ongoing manual communication. But there is no integrated digital marketing platform that enables marketers to find new quality buyers.

Thus, the challenge remains that marketing automation focuses on leads already in your database. These marketing automation systems don't focus on growing the amount of new prospective buyers. By capturing new buyers, marketers can contribute dramatically to their company's pipeline.

Captora integrates with your marketing automation to help you find and capture new buyers. Captora enables you to:

  • Identify digital marketing gaps
  • Scale marketing campaigns
  • Boost conversions of paid and organic campaigns using existing content

Marketing Automation is an important step for modern marketing success, however it is just one step in reaching your marketing goals. With Captora you have an engine which leverages your content ecosystem to engage thousands of new buyers per month and automates and optimizes your marketing campaigns. Captora enables you to stay a step ahead of competition, drive more leads, and increase the impact of prior investments of marketing automation and CRM.

Want to accelerate your pipeline growth? Contact us for a demo to see how we integrate with your marketing automation solution.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video