What Is Marketing Analytics

In the current state of digital marketing, companies are leveraging marketing analytics to measure the performance of their campaigns as well as optimize ROI. Understanding analytics can help you maximize your marketing investments and take the guesswork out of your campaigns.

Are you looking to leverage marketing analytics in order to improve your overall marketing strategy?

Captora is helping marketers leverage deep analytics in order to intelligently launch and optimize digital marketing campaigns. With Captora, marketers can:

  • Aggregate thousands of search terms and pain points by leveraging real time buyer and competitive intelligence.
  • Use these insights to automatically create hundreds of personalized landing pages - allowing you to engage buyers based on the detailed search terms they are using.
  • Use real time tracking data to measure, monitor, and report the success of these campaigns - eliminate the guesswork by knowing where you should spend your marketing dollars.

See how Captora can help you get data-driven with your marketing strategy and leverage analytics to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns.

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