What Is Lead Generation Services

Leads are always on the minds of marketers. Lead generation is a process where marketers capture consumers’ interest in a product or service to grow pipeline. There are many lead generation services out there that can guide marketers to engage buyers, but these methods aren’t always effective. The lead generation process has changed within the past decade. Your sales people are no longer bombarding buys with messaging and ads, but instead marketers are creating content to help educate and inform potential buyers. Creating valuable content will help marketers generate more leads, however, marketers tend to guess when it comes to creating content.

Creating dozens of blogs, videos, and case studies can be valuable to those leads within your CRM system. However, marketers need a way to be able to effectively reach buyers who don't know about you. By having thousands of resources that can help educate and engage new buyers, marketers can generate more leads and dramatically increase pipeline growth.

Captora takes lead generation a step further assists marketers to capture new buyers by expanding top-of-funnel marketing. With Captora’s patent technology, marketers get thousands of automatically created data-driven campaigns that guide them in creating relevant content. Having insight to where content gaps exist and how your competitors are doing relative to you is critical for marketers. With Captora marketers are able to:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase conversion rates

Now marketers can have a lead generation system that helps them engage new buyers, create relevant content, and drive the results they need.

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