What Is Lead Generation Marketing Services

Modern marketers are amidst a revolution that some are referring to as the "Buyer Revolution" while others are referring to it as "The Era of Engagement Marketing." While to many this is just semantics, the fact of the matter is that marketers are now responsible for owning a larger percentage of the pipeline and generating more leads via inbound marketing. Here are a couple lead generation marketing services to help you adapt to these additional pressures.

  1. Google SEO - Obviously modern marketers are aware of the importance of SEO and SEM. However, what is a little less obvious is how Google ranks companies, as their practices are constantly changing. Here, at Captora we have some insights into Google best practices as our Co-Founder came from Google. Here are three;
    • Keywords tell you what your content should be about however, it is up to you create valuable, quality content that will engage your target audience.
    • It is extremely important that the URL, title, subtitle and content on a particular landing page have a direct relationship with the search term a particular visitor is interested in.
    • Your individual landing pages should not only integrate into your existing digital marketing platforms (CRM's, ESP's, CMS, etc.), they should provide an identical look and feel to your home website. This gives your customer, and Google, the impression that a particular landing page is an extension of your home website.
  2. Marketing Automation (M/A) - vendors such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot, provide their customers with the ability to streamline the customer journey and bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Once a website visitor gives you their contact information (typically in exchange for a gated piece of content ) M/A platforms immediately begin scoring and nurturing these leads. When a lead reaches a certain score, sales is alerted that they have a new "Marketing Qualified Lead". According to Forrester Research, by nurturing leads you can generate 50% more MQL's at a third of the cost.
  3. Captora! Captora is a top of funnel digital marketing solution that allows marketers to not only understand what buyers are searching for (in regards to your content, your competitors content and related content within a given industry) but act in real time to optimize and tailor landing pages - at scale! Furthermore, it integrates into your digital marketing platforms (as mentioned above) to provide one platform to access real time buyer and competitive intelligence, scale and optimize campaigns and report success across multiple channels.

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