What Is Lead Generation Marketing

Marketers are constantly thinking about how they can generate more leads. In marketing, lead generation refers to the process of capturing the interests of prospective buyers in your product or service. The old methods of cold calling, email blasts, and billboard advertising is no longer effective. Marketers must find new ways of engaging buyers to their product. One effective way for marketers to capture their audiences’ attention is by creating valuable content. However, marketers are spending so much time creating content that is still getting lost in the noise.

One of the reasons that marketers aren’t aren’t driving leads is due to the fact that buyers have become receptive to all the messaging around them. Buyers are no longer looking for ads about the product, they want resources that can help aide them in making a decision. To drive leads, marketers need to create content that can tell buyers how the product is helping them solve a problem. By giving buyers valuable resources, marketers are more likely to generate more leads. As marketers are trying to increase pipeline and qualify leads for the sales team, having an effective way to generate leads is critical.

Captora helps marketers generate more leads by providing buyers with the content they are looking for. By automatically creating targeted campaigns, Captora’s powerful engine leverages content in your space to provide marketers with information regarding what content will help them reach thousands of new buyers. With Captora you can:

  • Reduce cost per lead
  • Generate more leads
  • Increase conversion rates

With Captora you can find what your customers are looking for before your competition.

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