What Is Lead Generation Campaign

Lead generation and demand generation are often used interchangeably, resulting in a misalignment of expectations for both strategies. As marketers are responsible for adding QUALIFIED leads to the sales pipeline, it is imperative for marketers to understand the difference between the two strategies.

Lead generation is the systematic exchange of contact information for a piece of valuable content that is actively being sought after. The ultimate outcome of lead generation is to feed net new names into marketing database(s) and ultimately pass those leads along to your sales team. This is usually accomplished by customizing content that attracts visitors as well as directs them towards a specific landing page.

To start creating your lead generation strategy, follow these tips;

  1. Identify Your Target Audience - To begin an effective lead generation strategy you should start by identifying key buyer personas. Buyer personas are real-life representations of key decision makers. In order to create custom content for your target audience you must understand their goals, how they are searching, how your content can assist them, and where they are consuming their content.
  2. Cross-Channel Distribution- It is of utmost importance to align your content with the stage in the buyer journey where your target audience is consuming information. For example, organic consumers who are searching for solution pertaining to a particular industry are probably looking for educational content rather than promotional messaging. On the contrary, consumers who directly searching for your company are probably looking to receive dynamic, product related messages and demo offers.
  3. Optimize Content to Increase Number of Leads - In order to increase the number of leads in your pipeline, your big pieces of content (white papers & ebooks) should be gated by a specific call to action (CTA). Gating is the process of placing a form that collects important registration information in front of your valuable content.
  4. Targeted Landing Pages - Multi-channel distribution provides you with the opportunity to drive a large amount of visitors to your landing pages. At Captora we believe landing pages, or CaptureSites, should be hyper-targeted. Our CaptureSites contain a a 1-1 relationship between a specific demand signal , a matching URL, the subtitle, and a specific call to action. Visit our homepage for a free scorecard if you are interested in how Captora can help you create and optimize CaptureSites at scale.

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