What Is Landing Page Strategy

Landing pages are an essential way to ensure that content is organized in a context that will be relevant and engaging to prospective buyers, and ensure that they feel comfortable and confident in pursuing a customer relationship with your brand. It helps to capture visitor information and allows marketers to really target valuable information to audiences as well as convert them into leads. When marketers are looking to zero in on particular high-priority segments of their buyer population, they can use CTAs on landing pages that potential consumers are led to via organic searches for information. Those CTAs can be anything from free consultations to newsletter subscriptions; anything that gives the marketer more information about what might connect with prospective buyers.

In order to have an effective landing page strategy, however, marketers still need information on the demand signals buyers are using when they perform their searches. They can certainly create web pages full of details about their brand, but having data on exactly which details buyers will find valuable to lead them to conversion is key. If marketers are spending endless time guessing at what content to place on their landing pages, they can miss these important opportunities.

With Captora, marketers have the chance to capture new visitors that don't yet know your brand. Through deep analytics, our technology not only does continuous A/B testing, but it dynamically optimizes paid search campaigns, driving high conversion rates automatically. Using Captora means that your landing pages can be personalized to visitor demographics and industry, and your existing content is placed in the most relevant contexts to meet buyers where they are searching.

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