What Is Integrated Marketing Strategy

Marketers are always working to place consistent, quality messages defining their brand across multiple channels. When content is integrated, it has agreement across multiple channels - paid and organic search, social media, email - and marketers are able to reduce noise, meaning buyers will be more likely to trust your brand. When content consistent, engaging and relevant, it satisfies buyers' questions at the beginning of their search, which means high-quality lead conversion increases, pipeline grows and the integrated marketing strategy is successful.

Determining the right message to communicate is the biggest challenge. Even the best strategy for integrated marketing will fall flat if marketers don't have access to the kind of accurate data they need that allows them to produce only the most relevant content. Identifying what buyers are searching for and the channels that are most effective to reach them can take endless time and effort when marketers rely strictly on guesswork.

Captora's data-driven technology means that marketers can place their content-driven campaigns across all channels, integrating brand information seamlessly.

Our advanced technology allows marketers to automatically:

  • compare clickstream data from web assets with millions of demand signals
  • identify where gaps exist in content, reach, conversion and optimization to produce only the best content
  • deliver new campaigns across multiple channels – social, advertising, and search - by leveraging existing content

With Captora marketers can get an integrated marketing strategy!

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