What Is Integrated Marketing Services

When messages about the services your brand has to offer are well-integrated across multiple channels, it increases the credibility of your brand and leads to converting qualified leads. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that buyers see the same content about your brand, and that this content matches the searches they are making, before they are engaged by competitors. In integrated marketing, it is imperative that there is content agreement in all areas of marketing, whether social, organic, or advertising.

However, marketers must be on top of determining the exact searches potential buyers are making, regardless of the channels they are using to promote their brand. They can identify gaps in content with diagnostic tools, but this usually leads to many hours of guesswork and effort with little insight into quality content that will engage buyers. In order to effectively integrate a marketing strategy, marketers need a reliable tool that will do more for them.

With Captora, marketers get instant, data-based results about their content - but more importantly, Captora rapidly delivers content-rich campaigns that meet specific demand signals. Marketers can focus on untapped segments that represent new pipeline growth, and ensure that they are working on the highest priorities with results from Captora's advanced data-driven technology. Integrated marketing depends on automation software to get the right message in the right channels.

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