What Is Integrated Marketing Campaign

When marketers are focused on integrated marketing campaigns, they want to communicate clear, consistent messages about their brand in every channel. Staying consistent builds credibility and strengthens relationships with buyers while reducing noise about the brand. Well-integrated content is crucial to marketing success.

Integrated marketing can be challenging for marketers who are well-trained in certain areas of communication but aren't comfortable working in others, such as social media. Marketers are determined to understand what content is most effective at engaging buyers, but this can mean lots of guesswork, especially if they aren't familiar with every channel. There are plenty of diagnostic tools that rely on simple A/B testing to show gaps in content, but when marketers must exhaust themselves determining what content to put in those gaps, they risk missing opportunities to really engage buyers.

Captora's data-based technology takes diagnostics well beyond the basics and allows marketers to identify those segments that are not yet being reached by their content, as well as leverage existing content to convert the most leads and drive pipeline growth. Captora allows marketers to gain insight into finding new opportunities to engage potential buyers with real-time data and always-on optimization. Marketers can refine and deliver their integrated messages across multiple channels with Captora's technology, reaching buyers with the consistent, effective content.

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