What Is Great Content For Website

What makes for great content? So many marketers are spending more of their budget on content marketing, but can’t seem to get through the noise to engage buyers. Great content means it is engaging, educational, entertaining, valuable, and relevant. But most marketers do not know where to start and what kind of content to create.

Marketers have so many responsibilities and often do not have time or resources to effectively manage their content marketing efforts. Marketers are trying to drive revenue at a lower cost. When creating campaigns there is a lot of manual campaign executions and optimization, as well as little to no data on competitors and buyer demand. Thus, marketers are making campaign decisions driven by guesswork and end up hiring SEO experts or demand generation specialists to help relieve their pain.

Captora gives marketers insight and data to ensure that they are creating great content for their website. Captora leverages existing content within your space to automatically create targeted data-driven campaigns. Marketers can prioritize campaigns based on ranking gaps, content gaps, conversion gaps, or optimization gaps to ensure that the campaigns are delivering optimal results. With Captora marketers can create great content based on data not guesswork.

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