What Is Good Marketing Research

Shifting marketplaces, especially when considering the well-educated buyer, have led marketers away from traditional techniques of the hard sell, cold-calls, and extremely persuasive advertising. With good marketing, buyers are able to feel that they are doing research to simply find the brand that has the solutions to their problems. Marketers can take advantage of this shift by placing keywords and relevant content directly into the contexts where buyers are making their searches - meaning that they are reached without a hard sell.

But how do marketers continue to create great content full of keywords that buyers are actually searching, without missing the mark and placing noise in every channel? If marketers don't have access to the kind of data that tells them what will intrigue visitors before they have even shown up, how do they create compelling content to make sure this happens? Plenty of technologies exist to simply diagnose issues in CTAs and other campaign elements with A/B testing, but this usually creates more exhausting work for the marketer and does not address gaps in content where new visitors are concerned.

Marketers need access to a system that helps them diagnose, analyze, and leverage content across multiple channels. They can find this software at Captora - our data-driven technology sweeps across your existing content ecosystem to identify gaps and rapidly deliver proven-effective content to fill them. With our always-on optimization, marketers can be sure that their content remains up-to-date, capturing visitors and converting them into high-quality leads at a 200% increase. Captora means that marketers will continuously be able to produce good marketing, at a fraction of the cost per lead acquisition.

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