What Is Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing, in the Era of Engagement Marketing, has become a staple of a company's success and ability to attract, engage, and convert potential customers. Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that engage online consumers or generate an online presence. Inbound marketing, content marketing, PPC, organic search, social media, lead nurturing and mobile marketing are all strategies used my modern digital marketers. Now that you know the strategies, here are some Solutions as a Service to help you with your digital marketing strategy.

  • Social Media Management - Platforms such as Hootsuite, enable companies to manage all of their social media activities from one platform. Thus, allowing you to seamlessly promote content across multiple social media channels as well as interact with fans, followers and other companies in your industry.
  • Customer Relationship Management, Email Service Providers, and Content Management Systems - If you are serious about digital marketing, you need these tools and their capabilities. CRM's allow marketers to track and up-sell leads, as well as log daily activities for follow ups. Email service providers allow you to send emails in bulk and monitor who is opening those emails. Content Management Systems enable you to create landing pages for paid and organic search.
  • Marketing Automation - Queries are different than leads and should be treated as such. If you force feed your sales pitch to everyone looking for industry education, you will turn visitors away, decrease your conversion rates and make justifying your efforts extremely difficult. This is my modern digital marketers NEED marketing automation. Now you can distribute RELEVANT content to your target audience based on their personal buyer behavior.
  • Captora - Captora is the latest addition to the digital marketing stack and is helping marketers automate their top of funnel. With Captora, marketers can identify buyer intent signals, create hundreds of campaigns around those signals and report success of digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
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