What Is Digital Marketing

Modern marketers have the benefit - and often the challenge - of multiple digital marketing channels available to promote their brand. Search (whether paid or organic) and social media offer a variety of ways to place your content before the most possible buyers, and convert them into high-quality leads. Buyers are searching for products and services that will assist them in solving the problems that they have, and digital marketing allows them easily find web content about your brand.

The challenge comes in making sure that your web content accurately answers buyers' questions while promoting the credibility of your company. Buyers are becoming increasingly immune to marketing "noise", and it is key for marketers to only place the most engaging and relevant content in all of the available channels. But how do marketers understand exactly what buyers are looking for, without reliable tools that take the guesswork away?

Captora's technology illuminates and ranks new campaigns and keywords so that marketers can capture leads before their competition. Marketing automation tools are enhanced by Captora, as we can provide valuable insights on which content-driven campaigns are most effective.

Our advanced, data-driven technology:

  • Automatically and continuously optimizes campaigns, pages, and content in real time.
  • Compares activity, campaigns and content to internet search and advertising volumes to prioritize marketing execution

With Captora, marketers can reach more buyers in a more effective way by using digital marketing.

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