What Is Demand Generation Vs Lead Generation

In the modern state of digital marketing, demand generation and lead generation are often used interchangeably. And while there are overlapping elements between the two tactics, marketers will struggle to generate demand and convert visitors into leads if they use and repurpose the same content. In order for modern marketers to be effective at both strategies, they must first be aware of the commonalities and differences between demand and lead generation.

Demand Generation

Demand generation is the process of driving awareness for your company’s products or services. The goal is to create relationships with prospective customers throughout the entire buyer journey. As online consumers continue to rely on search to self-educate themselves on solutions and self-navigate through the buyer journey, marketers will continue to see a rise in demand for content marketing. By consistently creating relevant content for multiple personas and for different stages of the buyer journey, companies can expand the reach and influence of their content. By emerging yourself as a thought leader that can be trusted, consumers will turn to YOU when they are in need of your product or service. As marketers our goal is to close content gaps, to ensure we are generating more demand. Trying to guess what content will raise your brand awareness as well as capture consumers' interest is a constant struggle for marketers.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of capturing consumer interest for product or service in order to drive growth. The process of driving leads has shifted in the last decade. Instead of your sales team reaching out to buyers to educate them about the process, buyers on their own searching the web for information about your product or service. To engage these buyers, you need to create content that educates your buyers.

Content Marketing working with Lead Generation and Demand Generation

Despite the relative difference between demand generation and lead generation, marketers are struggling with writing content that will drive growth. Captora takes demand generation a step further and helps marketers expand their Top-Of-Funnel marketing to engage conversion-ready buyers. With that information the Captora platform will automatically create targeted campaigns to capture new buyers based on the relevant content. By producing relevant content you will be able to generate more leads. Captora helps you reduce cost per lead, generate more leads faster, and increase conversation rates by engaging your most likely buyers. Captora uses lead generation and demand generation in sequence.

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