What Is Demand Generation In Marketing

Demand generation is aimed to increase awareness and capture interest in your company’s product or service. The objective of demand generation is to create and foster relationships with consumers in order to convert them to customers. As a marketer your goal is to create content that will drive conversions. We spend so much time producing content that isn’t reaching our target audience. Creating valuable content is critical to demand generation because it helps create demand for your product. Producing high quality content, however, is not enough. Once you create consistent content you need to be able to nurture those relationships in addition to making sure you are capturing new buyers as well. 

We tend to spend a lot of our marketing efforts nurturing leads within our CRM system. With consumers on the web searching for information, you need to ensure that you have information online that relates to their search. Creating content that is in line with what consumers are looking for, will help you grow pipeline and increase revenue. 

Captora takes demand generation further and enables marketers to expand and optimize their top-of-funnel marketing in order to engage conversion-ready buyers. The Captora platform automatically builds targeted campaigns to reach new buyers across multiple channels based on the what your buyers are searching for. Now you  have insight across your content and demand generation campaigns to ensure that you are creating relevant content to capture prospects before your competition. Captora will help you scale content-driven demand generation and reach buyers who aren’t looking for you.

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