What Is Demand Generation

Demand generation is the marketing tactic of creating demand for your product, service or industry overall. However, today's smart buyers are relying on personalized content to overcome pain points, evaluate solutions, and interact with companies. In order to generate awareness around a new product feature or a new press release you need to be leveraging the right content. Here are some top content marketing assets and programs for demand generation.

  • Webinars - Webinars are a great way to tackle key pain points in your industry. Depending on the success of these webinars you can repurpose the content into ebooks, slides, white-papers, blog posts, etc.
  • Email Nurture - That website visitor who downloaded your Ebook is most likely not ready to buy your solution. This is why you need an email nurturing track to keep them engaged with helpful content as they move through the buyer journey.
  • Blogs - Blogging allows marketers to build relationships, and relationships help fuel demand generation. "78% of consumers think organizations that create content are interested in building relationships." (McMurray)
  • Live Events - Industry trade shows are a great opportunity to get your value prop in front of a highly targeted audience.
  • Social Media Promotions - Buyers are looking for solutions on social media. Plain and simple. Repurposeyour content assets and promote them on social media to generate demand for your solution.

Captora is a marketing solution that is helping marketers excel in demand generation. Captora customers are leveraging buyer intent signals and competitive intelligence to close their content gap. By creating content based on what your audience is searching for, you can eliminate the guesswork and start generating significant demand for your content, and thus your solution.

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