What Is Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is a valuable tool for marketers. Being able to provide prospective buyers with engaging content from the start is critical for marketers, but this can be a complex process. Most content solutions do not show marketers any data to help them produce relevant content. This leads to marketers spending time and money guessing on what content co create.

Marketers are turning to data-driven marketing solutions to help them effectively reach their target audience. Instead of creating content that delivers no ROI, marketers are looking at data to help them prioritize their marketing efforts. This data must show marketers where demand exists, where content gaps are, how competitors are doing, and where opportunities exist. With this type of data, marketers have a huge opportunity to engage buyers.

Captora’s data-driven marketing execution tool automatically leverages your content to expand cross-channel pipeline growth. Captora examines your data from your web assets and compares it with your competitors and the web to identify where content, reach, conversion and optimization gaps exist. Now marketers can see data-driven campaigns to ensure they are creating content-rich assets to put in front of buyers. With Captora, marketers have the data they need to ensure their marketing efforts are achieving the results they need.

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