What Is Customer Acquisition And Retention

Customer Acquisition is the cost of turning a lead or a prospect into a paying customer. This cost includes all of the marketing campaigns and touches as well as the deal size. Retention looks at your ability to renew contracts and keep current customers engaged. With all these technologies and solutions out there, understanding how to reduce acquisition costs and increase retention is critical to success. Are you looking for a tool to help you improve in these two areas.

Captora is s helping companies leverage real time data and machine learning in order to streamline the process of turning leads into paying customers. How does that work?

  • Captora crawls your un-gated content and your competitors un-gated content to identify what key demand signal real buyers are using to search for your solution. Then Captora performs mock searches around these demand signals to see what type of content you have around these detailed searches.
  • Use these data driven insights to create intelligent digital marketing campaigns with the most relevant content. This can help you engage high quality leads with the content they are searching for.
  • Report success by channel, persona, asset, and CTA. This allows you get data driven about what is resonating with your target audience and what is not. No more guesswork!!

Learn how Captora can help you streamline the process of acquiring new customers and then retaining them by using data to understand what they are searching for and what their pain points are.

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